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I told myself LAST year, “make it a point to do a monthly favorite every month”.  Looking through my documents now, I see that I did one in August of last year, and never published it. “Way to keep that New Years Resolution up, Christine.” So guess what, New Year, New Blogger!  I am reallyyyy going to try to be better at this! — I say that publicly so that it holds me more accountable, but you should also know that I have been accepted into the Lamar University BSN program! Yes, I know, as if I do not have enough going on right now with a new baby, I am crazy enough to start nursing school.  I am not sure what kind of time I will have to dedicate to my blog or even my one on one training, but I am excited about this new journey and hope to be able to post updates of life and keeping up with my health and fitness.  Now, I am going to try to do a monthly favorite post at the end of every month or like December’s favorites posting the month before at the beginning of the current month.  {did I lose you in that?} So here we go!

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My Pregnancy

Where to start? First of all I wrote that I would post about my first trimester struggles while in my second trimester, then about my second in my third, but that did not happen…obviously. I really did start a blog post each trimester, just never got around to finishing them! So here I go with my entire pregnancy!

Alex and I had “tried” to get pregnant for over a year. Well, {rephrase} let’s just say we were not actively “preventing” becoming pregnant. After a few months we started to question…why has it not happen yet? Then after about 8 or 9 months, we thought, maybe something is wrong? I talked to my doctor and some friends about our situation and listened to the advice each one had to give. We took all of their advice to heart and started “actively trying”.   A few of months passed by, and still…nothing. It became a little discouraging, but we tried to stay positive and told ourselves it was just not time for it to happen for us, so we prayed about it and left it in God’s hands.

At this time, I decided to go back to school, we made plans for another BIG trip right before Fall semester began, and started building a huge deck on the back of our home.  Well, wouldn’t ya know it…BAM! It happen! I could not believe it.  No really, I took 3 test and went to my doctor before I did believe it.  Of course, when we least expected it and made plans, it happened.  We were pregnant, and it was exactly like one of my girlfriends said it would be. “You are excited, pumped up, over the moon and then you are like, wait…oh shit…we’re having a baby! Then your mind goes crazy wondering all over the place of how you are going to prepare to take care of this tiny human!”

Oh man, my world turned upside down and quick! I had started a 10 hour semester at Lamar University and I could not focus on anything but this little human I had growing in my belly. I found out I was 100% pregnant at about week 7 and decided to surprise Alex with a video to tell him the news. When Alex was at work, I would work on the video until late into the night to try and complete it. When you tell your husband everything, it is pretty challenging to keep your trap shut with a HUGE secret like this. When I finally finished I was coming into week 9!! I was going to make it a special evening and be patient for the perfect timing, but that did not work out.  After telling him, I expressed that I would rather wait to tell people until we were out of the first trimester.  Since we did struggle to get pregnant, I was terrified of a miscarriage.  Around week 14 we started breaking the news to family and friends!  I tried to film everyone’s reactions so that I could put together a little video.  We did not get everyone we wanted, but we got quite a few!! Check it out!!

The first part of it was some of the video I made to tell Alex! It was a little longer than we had intended, and we wanted to add more people!! But we were happy with the outcome. I definitely recommend doing something similar for you to look back on.  I have watched this video 1000 times and still get teary eyed at some parts! 🙂

Oh man! My first trimester was rough! I was so tired all the time!! Do you know how hard that is for someone who is hardly ever tired?  BUT because I had a little person growing inside of me, I could not ignore the need to rest or take things easy like I used to if I was overwhelmed or exhausted.  There was no more “pushing through”, I wanted to do what I had to, to take care of little bambino. So, we napped, a lot! Then…bring on the “morning sickness”.  Except mine was not morning sickness, I felt fine in the mornings, it would hit me around lunch time and last the rest of the day.  As if it was not hard enough being tired all the time, the sickness came crashing down on me. I had classes and when I was not in class I had work and when I was not doing either of those, I needed to be studying. Lucky for me, most of my clients were for 6 and 7 in the morning, which was good since I was not sick until later in the day.  This made things a little easier for me while training, but difficult throughout the rest of the day.  I was not only tired from early morning training, but I had to hold it together for the rest of the day if I had class.  {Which most of the time I would not be learning anything from the lecture, my mind would be wandering all over the place about this future baby, along with telling myself not to fall asleep.} I only truly got sick, like throwing up sick, a few times.  Which I am so thankful and blessed for, but there were times I wish I could have just got sick and been done with it for the rest of the day.  {Of course I know that is not how it normally works though} It felt more like a terrible hangover sickness, all day long.  I commend you ladies that one have morning sickness ALL day and/or suffer with throwing up with it.  WOMEN ARE FREAKING STRONG AND AWESOME!

During the first trimester, it was really hard for me to accept that I could not do everything I was used to doing. I was always on the go, cooking dinner, meal prepping, working out, training and getting my school work in order.  Now, I would finish training around 10 or 11 and instead of working out, like I would normally do, I would head home for a nap until it was class time. (Not every day, but most days this was the case) After class, you would think I would be rested enough to maybe now get a workout in, cook dinner and start studying, but no.  It was back to bed for me.  Classes became harder and harder to sit through without eating an entire box of crackers or falling asleep.  I started to have mini panic attacks, like “what am I doing”, “will this feeling end”, “why are you doing this to me little, sweet baby in my belly”.  On top of the sickness and being tired, all I wanted to eat was toast or crackers…or {guilty} Chick Fil A fries.  Before I was pregnant, I was carb cycling and that was thrown out the window around week 7 when I found out.  I was trying to eat well still, but it was so hard because I did not feel well…ever!  I did a lot of research on natural at home remedies to feel better, and found NONE of them worked for me BUT everyone is different, so some might work for you.  Here are a list of things I found! 😊


For the most part, I tried to not go too overboard.  Like I said, I ate Chick Fil A fries here and there, but tried my best to save it for days that I absolutely felt I could not stomach anything else.  I did not stray too far from this list of foods during the first trimester.  Also I pasted some sites that have SUPER FOODS! I did make sure to include those all throughout my pregnancy!

1st triemester foodsPregnancy super foods!!

Around week 14 or 15 I started feeling A LOT better!  I was still tired, but I was able to stay up all day {most of the time} and get my workouts in.  My appetite slowly started coming back and I started to make plans each week to eat better and exercise regularly.  Life seemed to be getting back to normal, except for my concentration in school and growing belly.  I was so focused on getting things together for baby and wanting to read things about being a mommy.  Also at this point we had only broke the news to family, so it was tough keeping it from everyone else. I had a lot of people reach out or comment that I would gain weight in all of this, that kids ruin your body or eat whatever you want!  I knew that I wanted to prove them wrong and I definitely did not want to get back to the weight I was when I was at my heaviest.  I wanted to make it a point to show these people that just because you are pregnant does not mean you HAVE to gain a lot of weight, eat everything in sight, eat unhealthy OR stop exercising.  Even though throughout my entire pregnancy meat disgust me, I tried to keep a healthy, well balanced diet.  If I was not getting protein from meats, I would supplement to get it elsewhere.  I did not exercise as much as I did before, but made a goal for at least 3 times a week and walking almost every day.


Second trimester was a lot easier for me, I was super lucky.  Since I felt somewhat normal, I tried to stay on top of my nutrition and staying active during this time.  Especially on days that I felt great, I took full advantage with a good, strong workout and fueling my body with some good nutrition.  I started a boot camp that lasted 5 weeks, which kept me busy and active!  I was able to do some of the workouts with my ladies, but also get in some cardio before or after boot camp began.  My ladies kept me motivated and strong!  When boot camp was over I was at about 23 weeks, and I had to find some new motivation to keep me going.  My husband jumped to my rescue!  He was great throughout this entire journey, especially in the beginning when I was sick.  He started helping out with cooking and keeping things up around the house giving me more time to relax.  We also travelled locally to the beach or lake for some relaxation. There is no way I could have survived without him.  He has been so understanding and even wanting to learn about our amazing bodies throughout this entire journey.

At the beginning of third trimester, Alex and I took a 2 week trip! Babymoon!!! We did not get to take the big, long trip to Sri Lanka that we had planned before baby, but we did enjoy an amazing Pacific Northwest trip!  First, we flew into Seattle, WA and enjoyed the Pikes Place Farmers Market, Alki Beach, yummy foods, music and art.  After a few days, we drove down to Portland, OR, to stay a couple of days then made our way down to Bend, OR to hike and camp in the mountains then ending our trip driving the coast of Oregon back to Seattle.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The hikes and views were all amazing.  Check out this short video I made of the camping part of our trip.

I stayed active until my hometown was hit by Hurricane Harvey.  Unfortunately, it was hard to get out anywhere for a while, and then when I could, Alex wanted me to go stay with my parents because he would be working rescue for the next week or so.  I knew I could not help with rescues or when it came time, helping with damaged houses, so I baked…every day.  Anyone that needed food, I was on it.  I stayed pretty busy for a while, especially in the beginning when a lot of people were misplaced from their homes.  Once all the hurricane madness started to settle down, I was in week 37 and everyday things that I was used to doing were becoming a little more difficult.

36 Weeks 38 weeks

I was able to workout a couple of more times before hitting week 39, but then if I did anything—I would pee myself! I feel that I have had a pretty active pregnancy and now it is time for me to rest!  I am still training and we are still walking in the mornings or afternoons, but life has slowed down a lot in the past couple of weeks.  I have gained about 30 pounds and still managed to keep some of my lean muscle mass.

I know that every pregnancy is different, and every woman experiences many different things, but I do believe, if you do not have any complications and doctor approves, you can stay in shape and stay healthy all throughout pregnancy.  I always hear people say, “the doctor said if you did not workout before pregnancy, you cannot workout after you get pregnant”.  I know that you have to consult your physician before doing anything, but I believe that you can workout regardless of if you worked out before or not.  Staying active and eating healthy is only good for you and for baby.  You do not have to start a crazy workout program or go on some outrageous diet, but SOME, easy resistance training and definitely moderate cardio can only help you later in pregnancy with an easier last few weeks and delivery.  Always ask your doctor before starting a workout program while pregnant. Fueling your body with good nutritious foods and keeping an active lifestyle will help produce endorphins for you and baby and may even keep that energy level up on those days when you’re super tired! Our body is a temple, especially when you have a little person growing inside of you it is imperative that you take care of you and little baby!

We are ready for baby Murphy to come into the world.  I am beyond ready to be on the road to recovery and back to doing everyday things with a little addition. 😊  This last week and a half has been the death of me.  I run out of breath super easy and this belly is in the way of EVERYTHING.  Sleep is impossible, I think baby is just preparing me for no more sleep in the future. I normally wake up every hour and half to two hours to pee, and getting up is just painful!  I know all of this is worth once I am able to hold our sweet love. I cannot wait to start my journey of being a mommy and getting my body back in shape, and sharing it all with you.

September Murphit Challenge

The September Murphit Challenge is here!! This month we are concentrated on the upper body! As I am sure most of you are aware, my hometown and town that I live in was hit by Hurricane Harvey last week. It has been a very emotional week for a lot of my close friends and some family.  If you were not effected by this terrible storm, I ask that you take the time and donate to my hometown’s GoFundMe account.  This account benefits my hometown directly that has so many residents that did not have flood insurance. There is a lot of charities for Houston and even my city of residence, Beaumont, Texas, but my hometown is in need. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

I hope you enjoy this month’s challenge!! If you are participating in the September #MurphitChallenge do not forget to tag in with the hashtag #MurphitChallenge when workouts are complete!

September Murphit Challenge

Murphit Boot Camp in Fannett

This year, I held Murphit Boot Camp in Fannett and had an amazing turn out!! We had about 25 ladies that participated!! I met some AMAZING women and witness goals being met and more! I truly enjoy each session that we held. Here are some highlights from the boot camp!

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August Murphit Challenge

Murphit Challenge for August is here! This month we are doing MORE than just cardio.  I have put together short workouts for the next 24 days that concentrate on your glutes and abs.  For these 24 days you will have a workout for each day!! In the first two weeks, the workouts increase in reps each day. The following two weeks are a different workout, also adding more reps each workout. The workouts are made for ALL fitness levels, and can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be!  You can add weights or bands with some of these workouts for a little more of a challenge.  Each workout is 3 ROUNDS with little to zero break time, if you can help it.

In addition to butt and gut, we will be doing 500 minutes of RUNNING/WALKING cardio! That is a little less than 20 minutes a day for the rest of the month!! I will keep up with minutes for you if you would like. {just like last month}  At the end of every week, on Sunday, send me a screen shot of your minutes for the week with whatever app you use to keep track of it. 

If you want to post a picture after BUTT & GUT workout and tag #murphitchallenge to let people know what you’re doing–FEEL FREE!!  The more people jump in the more it will encourage others to get up and get moving!! 

July Murphit Challenge

Murphit Challenge for July’s results are in! Everyone did amazing! We had way more people participate than I anticipated, and I am so happy to see it! I started Murphit Challenge to help encourage people to set short term goals and work towards meeting those goals while doing something different! So proud of all the participants! You guys did great!! Check out the results below!Murphit Challenge July Results



Murphit in the Fall

murphit boot camp

I started Murphit Boot Camp in May of 2015, and finally decided it was time for another one this Fall.  Murphit Boot Camp is put on in an outdoor setting at a public park here in Beaumont.  The exercises included in the boot camp consist of, but are not limited to, strength training with light weight and body weight training, cardio training, plyometrics, flexibility training and balancing drills.  This boot camp is for ALL fitness levels and all exercises are timed, so you can go at your own comfortable pace.

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Chia Seed Bowl

Bali Chia Breakfast Bowl

I have a new addiction for chia seed breakfast and snack bowls. When we went to Bali, Indonesia, I ordered them just about every morning because they were so good! I had never heard of them back home or if I did, I had no idea what I was missing. After researching, I found out that chia seeds have so many healthy benefits. These little, bitty seeds are packed with protein, antioxidants, Omega 3s and vitamins! I am sure my husband was so happy once I figured out that they are super easy to make because we had them every morning for a month! I was perfectly fine with going back in time and picturing myself on a Bali beach front eating a refreshing chia seed bowl. Another thing about chia seeds is they are a good protein packed “filler”. I am a snacker, and there are not too many snacks out there that can keep me full. Chia seeds are good at making you feel full!

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International Women’s Day

WomenAll of these words and more come to mind when I think of women. I was listening to the radio this morning and they dedicated a small segment to women everywhere for International Women’s Day.  They played some bits from the past and even some from today’s day in age of women speaking out to people. To hear some of the women I’ve looked up to, even as a little girl, was inspirational and I felt a rush of feelings go all over my body that made me PROUD to be a woman. It got me pumped up and I wanted to go out and do something awesome. {I just went to work, but I felt like I could do anything I wanted all day!} These strong, iconic women have left their marks in history and in many people’s hearts, soul and mind to push them to do whatever they put their minds to!  It made me feel honored to be a woman and I felt the need to write about it. {To sum it up here goes another post of me blabbing away..because it is what I do.}

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HIIT Training Circuit

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.17.52 PM

Looking for a quick, but intense workout?  I love just about any challenging workout, but I always lean toward a good HIIT/circuit training workout.  It is quick, gets my heart rate up and I always incorporate weights to get my weight training in.  I try to hit every major muscle group, but there are some days that I will hit only upper or lower depending on what I am working that day.

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